AndyRDH Exit Hesi Review






This review is for the Exit Hesi exam required by some dental hygiene programs in the United States. With this review you will have everything you need to be successful!

This review is for TWO months of access. Please consider that when ordering. Once you place your order, you will have instant access to the material by going to the “courses” option, then click on the Hesi review and scroll down to see the material.

This is an ONLINE slide presentation review of items that have a HIGH probability of being on the exam. This review contains online slides. Students who use this presentation have a 99% chance of passing the exam by understanding ONLY the information contained in this review.


Once your order is submitted, you have INSTANT access to the material by logging in with your pin or password you created and then going to the course you purchased. There are no refunds given for products that are sent electronically. If you are experiencing problems accessing the review, please email


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